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Can a Dental Savings Plan Help You Save Money?

January 21, 2021

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man putting coins into a pink piggy bank

When it comes to paying for your dental care, you generally have three options: cash, dental insurance, or a dental savings plan. If your employer doesn’t provide you with dental insurance and you still want to save money at the dentist, then a savings plan might be your best option. Continue reading to learn all about our Anderson Family Dental Member Savings Plan and how it may be able to help you save money.


Drowsy Driving is as Dangerous as Driving Drunk

September 28, 2020

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Man driving after treating sleep apnea in Gahanna.Have you been tossing and turning at night? It might be hard to get out of bed in the morning, but you have places to go. After grabbing a quick cup of coffee, you might hop behind the wheel to start your day without a second thought. Although countless Americans have the exact same morning routine, you might want to reconsider driving if you’re not feeling well-rested. Research shows drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. If you’re struggling to get quality sleep, it might not be from a bad mattress. Instead, you might need treatment for sleep apnea in Gahanna.


Avoid These 4 Foods to Make Your Dental Crown Last

July 8, 2020

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Model of dental crown in Gahanna

When cavities and tooth decay are present, treatment with a filling and dental crown shouldn’t be far behind. In fact, each day thousands of people have crowns placed by their dentist to fix a multitude of dental issues. After all, they are one of the most common restorative procedures, and they can provide your teeth the strength they need for decades to come! However, they do require good dental habits to preserve their integrity and keep them intact. Therefore, make sure to avoid these four foods to increase the longevity of your dental crown in Gahanna.


Summer Is the Best Time to Rebuild Your Beautiful Smile

June 17, 2020

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woman in sun hat with dental implants in Gahanna smiles

Now that it’s summer, are you looking forward to eating delicious cookout foods like corn on the cobs and juicy ribs? Unfortunately, you may have a difficult time enjoying all your favorite barbeque foods if you have missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. If you want to get back to effortlessly eating with a complete smile, replace your missing teeth with the next best thing: dental implants in Gahanna! Read on to find out why summer is the best time to restore your complete, functional, and confident set of pearly whites.


How Dentists Ensure Your Protection in the Age of COVID-19

April 8, 2020

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A dentist in Gahanna seeing a smiling patient.

Many people don’t think much about it during their visit, but dental offices are actually some of the cleanest spaces you can be in. This is because, unlike many other businesses, dental offices have to be as sterile and clean as possible in order to prevent the spread of germs and disease. While COVID-19 may be giving you second thoughts about visiting a dentist in Gahanna for an exam, you have nothing to be afraid of when it’s time for your routine exam, cleaning or other procedure. Here’s why!


Can a Genetic Test Really Predict Your Dental Health?

February 26, 2020

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Close-up of exam for gum disease in Gahanna

You may know already know the importance of dental hygiene for a healthy smile, but did you know that the condition of your mouth can have an affect on the rest of your body? More specifically, gum disease can increase your risk of heart problems like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and more. That’s why people are turning to DNA tests to see if they’re more susceptible to oral health issues like gum disease in Gahanna. But can you really predict your dental health based on genetic testing? Keep reading to learn the answer.


4 Oral Habits to Develop For a Healthier New Year

December 23, 2019

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friends celebrating the new year

Are you looking forward to pressing the “refresh” button on your life for the new year? There’s no better resolution to make than one in your overall wellbeing. Although your mouth seems like a small part of your body, it’s just as important to keep healthy as any other body part. Building new and better dental habits starting in January can set you up for a year of fewer visits to your dentist and less developing oral health problems. Read on for four tips to keep your health in tip-top shape for 2020.


How Long Does It Take to Heal from a Tooth Extraction?

October 17, 2019

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girl getting a tooth extraction

You had a root canal done on a tooth a few months ago, but for some reason the infection didn’t ever really go away. As a result, your dentist told you that you have to get that tooth removed. Although tooth extraction is usually seen as a last resort, there are times when it’s necessary. Let’s take a closer look at tooth extraction, when it’s needed, and how long recovery should last.


How Can You Adjust To Your New Dentures in Gahanna?

July 2, 2019

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Are you excited to start enjoying your new dentures in Gahanna? It’s important to be patient while your mouth is adjusting to your restorations. They’re custom-crafted for your unique mouth, but you’ll still need to get used to doing basic functions like chewing and speaking with them in. There’s no need to worry though, this period only lasts a few weeks and the new feeling will eventually wear off. Read on for tips to help you adjust to your dentures faster.


Why Do I Need a Dental Crown in Gahanna?

April 10, 2019

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Woman smiling

Do you have decayed or damaged teeth that affect the appearance and function of your smile? Many people avoid restoring these issues, but they can actually lead to even more serious problems. Unlike other medical problems that get better with time, dental decay and damage will only get worse if left untreated. Thankfully, your dentist uses custom-made dental crowns in Gahanna to restore smiles back to their full function, beauty, and strength.

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